About Us

Muesli Cups

We here at Butterfingers are all about food. Nothing fancy-schmancy about us, we just love good, wholesome, fresh food. We're cooks, not chefs, so we won't be trying to ram avocado and caviar mousse down your throat, we're more likely to be giving you homemade stews, salads, sweets and big breakfasts.

We work with other local businesses wherever we can, from our milk and bread to our fruit and veggies, to try and give you the best that Adelaide has to offer.

We believe that food brings people together, it makes you feel good and it keeps your body running smoothly. Plus, who hasn't spent a few minutes daydreaming about their next meal, or that delicious dessert from last night's dinner party - it makes a great escape from the humdrum that sometimes is everyday life. Don't worry, we're not about to tear up talking about our 'food dream,' but we really do love food, and we want you to love our food too!